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TOPJoint Downlink and Uplink Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient Carrier AggregationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONSYu Dingguan,Chen Qimei,Zhang Huazi,Yin Rui,Li Geoffrey Ye2015
TOPEnergy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Single-Cell OFDMA Systems: Multi-Objective ApproachIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONSXu Lukai,Yu Dingguan,Jiang Yuhuan2015
TOPMulti-Objective Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Multi-RAT Heterogeneous NetworksIEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONSYu Dingguan,Jiang Yuhuan,Xu Lukai2015
SCILearning Visual-Spatial Saliency for Multiple-Shot Person Re-IdentificationIEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERSXie Yi,Yu Huimin,Gong Xiaojin,Dong Zhengjiang,Gao Yan2015
SCIDesign of an enhanced visual odometry by building and matching compressive panoramic landmarks onlineFRONTIERS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERINGLu Wei,Xiang Zhiyu,Liu Jilin2015
TOPPerception in Disparity: An Efficient Navigation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles With Stereo CamerasIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMSCao Teng,Xiang Zhiyu,Liu Jilin2015
TOPA novel sub-camera array model for calibrating multi-mirror catadioptric systemsMEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYXiang Zhiyu,Gong Xiaojin,Zhou Yanbing2015
SCIJoint spectrum sensing and access for stable dynamic spectrum aggregationEURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKINGWang Wei,Wu Lingcen,Zhang Chaoyang,Lin Chen2015
TOPDynamic Power Control for Delay-Aware Device-to-Device CommunicationsIEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONSWang Wei,Zhang Fan,Lau Vincent K.N.2015
TOPThwarting Intelligent Malicious Behaviors in Cooperative Spectrum SensingIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTINGWang Wei,Chen Lin,Shin Kang G.,Duan Lingjie2015
SCIDepth map Super-Resolution based on joint dictionary learningMULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONSLiu Liwei,Wang Lianghao,Zhang Ming2015
SCIGenetic Algorithm based Resource Management for Cognitive Mesh Networks with Real-time and Non-real-time ServicesKSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMSShan Hangguan,Ye Ziyun,Huang Aiping2015
SCIInterference coordination strategy based on Nash bargaining for small-cell networksIET COMMUNICATIONSYu Dingguan,Xu Yang,Yin Rui,Qu Fengzhong2015
TOPTransition-aware feed-forward equaliser for reducing pattern-dependent jitter in four-level pulse-amplitude modulation transmittersELECTRONICS LETTERSLiu Peng,Wu Kejun2015
TOPTransistor-resistor-stacked voltage-mode PAM-4 symbol generator with improved linearityELECTRONICS LETTERSLiu Peng,Wu Kejun2015
SCITracking news article evolution by dense subgraph learningNEUROCOMPUTINGYu Shengkang,Li Xi,Zhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei2015
SCIDeep learning driven blockwise moving object detection with binary scene modelingNEUROCOMPUTINGZhang Yaqing,Li Xi,Zhang Zhongfei2015
SCIMultimedia Retrieval via Deep Learning to RankIEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERSZhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei,Li Xi2015
TOPJoint Structural Learning to Rank with Deep Linear Feature LearningIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERINGZhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei,Li Xi2015
SCI3D Synthesis and Crosstalk Reduction for Lenticular Autostereoscopic DisplaysJOURNAL OF DISPLAY TECHNOLOGYLi Dongxiao,Zang Dongnning,Qiao Xiaotian,Wang Lianghao,Zhang Ming2015
SCISum-Rate and Power Scaling of Massive MIMO Systems With Channel AgingIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONSZhong Caijun2015
SCIJoint Object Segmentation and Depth UpsamplingIEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERSGong Xiaojin2015
SCICooperative multicast with moving window network coding in wireless networksAD HOC NETWORKSWu Fei,Hua Cunqing,Shan Hangguan,Huang Aiping2015
SCIA User Authentication Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves Cryptography for Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksSENSORSChen Huifang,Ge Linlin,Xie Lei2015
SCIResource optimisation using bandwidth-power product for multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access system in cognitive radio networksIET COMMUNICATIONSChen Bo,Zhao Minjian,Zhang Lei,Lei Ming2015
SCILow-complexity variable forgetting factor mechanisms for adaptive linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming algorithmsIET SIGNAL PROCESSINGQiu Linzheng,Cai Yunlong,Zhao Minjian2015
SCIThermal annealing, interface reaction, and lanthanum-based sub-nanometer EOT gate dielectricsVACUUMWang Xi,Yang Bingliang,Dong Shurong,Kakushima K,Iwai H2015
SCIOn the scaling of subnanometer EOT gate dielectrics for ultimate nano CMOS technologyMICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERINGWang Xi,Iwai,Hiroshi2015
TOPBlind image quality assessment based on fractal description of natural scenesELECTRONICS LETTERSDing Yong,Zhang H,Luo Xiaohua,Dai H2015
SCHigh-directivity antenna with small antenna apertureAPPL PHYS LETTLUO Yu,ZHANG Jing-Jing,CHEN Hong-Sheng,HUANGFU Jiang-Tao,RAN Li-Xin2009
SCA networks-on-chip architecture design space exploration - The LIBCOMPUT ELECT ENGLIU Peng,XIA Bing-Jie,XIANG Chun-Chang,WANG Xiao-Hang,WANG Wei-Dong,YAO Qing-Dong2009
SCProcess flow improvement on a bulk micromachined gyroscopeMICRO NANO LETTZHENG Xu-Dong,JIN Zhong-He,WANG Yue-Lin2009
SCAttitude stabilization of a pico-satellite by momentum wheel and magnetic coilsJ ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI AMENG Tao,WANG Hao,JIN Zhong-He2009
SCAn in-plane low-noise accelerometer fabricated with an improved process flowJ ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI AZHENG Xu-Dong,JIN Zhong-He,WANG Yue-Lin2009
SCA 10:1 Unequal Wilkinson Power Divider Using Coupled Lines With Two ShortsIEEE MICROW WIREL COMPON LETTLI Bo,WU Xi-Dong,WU Wen2009
SCReliability assessment for MIMO detection and its applicationAEU-INT J ELECTRON COMMUNWANG Fan2009
SCCombination of time reversal and synthetic aperture beamforming for active detection of small bottom objects in waveguide environmentsAPPL ACOUSTPAN Xiang,XU Wen,LI Jian-Long,GONG Xian-Yi2009
SCIntercluster Connection in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks Based on Intelligent Network CodingEURASIP J ADV SIGNAL PROCESSCHEN Xian-Fu,ZHAO Zhi-Feng,Zhang Hong-Gang2009
SCFocusing with the decomposition of the time reversal operator method in noisy environmentsJ ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI ALI Chun-Xiao,LI Jian-Long,GONG Xian-Yi,GUO Ming-Fei2009
SCLinear-Codes-Based Lossless Joint Source-Channel Coding for Multiple-Access ChannelsIEEE TRANS INFORM THEORYYANG Sheng-Tian,CHEN Yan,QIU Pei-Liang2009
SCWideband multipath rejection for shallow water synthetic aperture sonar imagingIET RADAR SONAR NAVIGCHEN Qing,XU Wen,PAN Xiang,LI Jian-Long2009
SCSystem synchronization and channel estimation analysis for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA downlink systemINT J COMMUN SYSTZHANG Zhao-Yang,CHENG Peng,ZHOU Xiang-Wei,QIU Pei-Liang2009
SCPerformance of Cyclostationary Features Based Spectrum Sensing Method in A Multiple Antenna Cognitive Radio SystemIEEE WCNCZHANG Teng-Yi,YU Guan-Ding,SUN Chi2009
SCPerformance Bound Approximation for Bearing Estimation with Bias CorrectionIEEE SIGNAL PROCESS LETTXU Wen,CHEN Qing,JIANG Ying2009
SCA Rigorous Analysis of Plane-Transformed Invisibility CloaksIEEE TRANS ANTENNAS PROPAGATLUO Yu,ZHANG Jing-Jing,CHEN Hong-Sheng2009
SCLorentz force and radiation pressure on a spherical cloakPHYS REV ACHEN Hong-Sheng,Zhang BL,LUO Yu,B Kemp,RAN Li-Xin,Wu BI2009
SCVisualization of Negative Refraction in Chiral Nihility MediaIEEE ANTENNAS PROPAG MAGCHENG Xiang-Xiang,CHEN Hong-Sheng2009
SCTracking multiple people under occlusion and across cameras using probabilistic modelsJ ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI AWANG Xuan-He,LIU Ji-Lin2009

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