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The 12th International Conference on Integrated Circuit EMC held at ZJU

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The International Conference on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuit (ICEMC), jointly sponsored by the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering (ISEE) and the International Campus was successfully held on Haining International Campus on 21 October. It’s the first time for the conference to be held in China in more than 20 years.

Over 180 celebrated experts and scholars attended the conference including Prof. Yueping Zhang from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Prof. Joungho Kim of Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (Korea), chief scientist Thomas Steinecke from Germany, Prof. Etienne Sicard of the University of Toulouse (France), etc.

Prof.  Erpin Li, the co-chairman of the conference, made opening remarks and shared his views on the development of integrated circuits. Afterwards, Guoliang Cao, mayor of Haining city introduced the rapid development of Haining in recent years, meanwhile attached great importance to the development of semiconductor industry. Qiang Fu, assistant to the president of Zhejiang University emphasized the determination of the International Campus to strengthen international academic cooperation and build a model area of international cooperative education. Etienne Sicard, professor from the University of Toulouse, Franceis, the founding scientist of IC EMC research and standards, made a report titled IC EMC and technology trends. With the topic of antenna encapsulation (AIP) technology: the key to success of 5G MMW, Prof. Yuepin Zhang, discussed the design, manufacture, testing and application of AIP technology and pointed out the direction of further development of AIP technology in the future. On the subject of the computer used in artificial intelligence (AI) 2.5 D / 3 D bytes/SEC bandwidth HBM (high-bandwidth memory module) design, Prof. Joungho Kim proposed a scheme using TSV, SI intermediary storage structure of the high bandwidth and stack memory (HBM to meet the increasing artificial intelligence service performance requirements. His report aroused great interest of the audience.Thomas Steinecke shared his 22-year IC EMC career with participants. He provided much inspiration to people who are interested in chip or system-level EMC research.

During the conference, each sub-venue kept focus on the main theme of the conference, held seminars and special reports on different themes, and presented the oral reports and posters of the articles submitted for the conference.Franco Fiori, Masahiro Yamaguch, shih-yi Yuan, Bernd Deutschmann, Richard xian-ke Gao, Liu Enxiao, Kamel Abouda, Sonia Ben Dhia, Shen Zhongxiang, Zhu Qingxin, Ma Kaixue and other internationally renowned scholars all gave wonderful reports.Experts and scholars from all over the world shared their research topics and results here, exchanged views on the latest developments in the field of international electromagnetic compatibility, and provided many constructive suggestions and guidance to colleagues engaged in IC EMC research.

The achievements of semiconductor technology in working frequency and integration level bring new challenges to integrated circuit emc, which must be solved in terms of integrated circuit and system levels. Keeping experts informed of the latest achievement of this field is essential to the development of this field. Since 1999, when the first international conference on integrated circuit emc was held in Toulouse, France, the conference has been held several times in Europe and once in Japan. The 12th international conference on integrated circuit emc was held in China for the first time and was highly praised by the participants.

The conference has enhanced the international influence of Zhejiang University, promoted the academic exchange and communication between Chinese researchers in the field of electronic and electrical science and their international counterparts. Moreover, it exerted a positive influence on the further development of ZJUI electronic and electrical science and technical cooperation.



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