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"Qizhen Cup" Zhejiang University 2019 Student Top Ten Academic New Achievements Selection Campaign Presentation Ceremony of Yuquan Campus

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At 13:30 on March 29, 2019, the competition was held in the first lecture hall of the Yongqian Activity Center. The content of the conference included the introduction of the “Qizhen Cup” and the experience sharing of previous winners. 

The Party Committee Propaganda Department,Jin Yunyun, Associate of ISEE, Chen Hongsheng, Deputy Party Secretary of ISEE, Zhao Songping, Prof. Zhao Bo, counselor Ouyang Runqing attended the event.

First of all, the deputy dean of ISEE, Mr. Chen Hongsheng delivered a speech, expressed his gratitude to the school leaders, and also welcomed everyone's arrival. He also introduced the academic achievements of the students of ISEE in recent years.

Mr. Jin Yunyun, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, gave us a detailed introduction to the “Top 10 Academic New Achievements” of the “Qizhen Cup” and the awards of ISEE over the years, and encouraged the students to actively participate in the “Taijin Cup” top ten academic achievement selection activities.

Professor Zhao Bo first briefly introduced the design process of the chip, and then took the US sanctions ZTE incident as an example, and let everyone know the importance of integrated circuits in the development of the country.

Fan Qi, a winner of the “Taijin Cup” 2018 student's top ten academic achievements, shared her award-winning experience. Fan's main research work is OTUD1 deubiquitination of SMAD7 to inhibit breast cancer metastasis. She encouraged us to actively participate in the declaration.

Huang Guan shared his research experience on the project of “low-latency augmented reality system development based on fog calculation”.

When introducing the process and precautions of this selection activity, Wang Jiajia, a student of the Graduate Student Union, reminded everyone to seriously prepare the selection materials, actively participate in roadshow publicity, and pay attention to on-site display and exchange.At the same time, we must adhere to the normal mind, abide by the selection rules, and enjoy the selection process.

The “Qizhen Cup” Zhejiang University students' ten major academic achievements have been held for the sixth time. This activity has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of our students for academic research, created a strong campus academic atmosphere, and enhanced students' academic innovation awareness.This presentation is a more comprehensive and deeper opportunity to enter the scientific research, so that students can constantly enhance themselves and expand their horizons in exploration and communication.

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