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ISEE's Alumni Activity——Frontier forum of Microelectronics

Editor: Date:2019-05-15 Hits:35

On March 30, 2019, ISEE's Alumni Chapter held a frontier forum on the development of microelectronics.

This forum invited the main person in charge of the microelectronics direction of the college to introduce the research situation and research characteristics of the field.The forum was open to all alumni of ISEE, and nearly 50 alumni and teachers attended the event.


The forum was presided over by He Leian, deputy dean of the School of Microelectronics. Yang Jianyi, dean of ISEE, Zhong Rongrong, secretary of the party committee, and Zhao Songping, the deputy secretary of the party committee were invited to attend.


In the afternoon, alumni, accompanied by Professor Cheng Zhiyuan, went to the micro-Nano processing platform for a field visit, and finally the frontier forum ended in the satisfaction of the alumni.

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