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85120080 The physics of semiconductors

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This course is a theoretical foundation course for electronic science and technology, microelectronics, etc. It can also be one of the important elective courses for other related majors.This course explains the macroscopic physical phenomena occurring in semiconductors from a microscopic point of view, focusing on the distribution and motion laws of carriers in semiconductors; introducing the interaction between carriers and photons and phonons in semiconductors, and various external fields.The behavior of semiconductors; discusses the nature of some basic structures in semiconductor physics.It includes three parts: The first part discusses the basic properties of semiconductor materials, including semiconductor band characteristics, impurities and defects, carrier statistical distribution, equilibrium state and transport characteristics of unbalanced overload carriers. The second part is mainlyThe physical basis of semiconductor device operation is discussed around the contact between different materials, including: pn junction contact, metal-semiconductor contact, metal-oxide-semiconductor structure, heterojunction contact of different semiconductors; the third part is introduced in semiconductorEffects of light, electricity, magnetism, piezoresistive and the application of these effects.

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