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85190070 Microelectronic Devices

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The Microelectronics Device course is the foundation course for undergraduates majoring in microelectronics and is an introductory course for students entering the field of microelectronics.This course is based on the basic electrical characteristics and device models of the basic semiconductor structures (such as pn junctions, metal-semiconductor contacts, MOS structures, and heterojunction structures) that make up microelectronic devices, and learns the electrical properties of typical microelectronic devices (mainlyCurrent-voltage characteristics) and analyze the classical equivalent circuit model of microelectronic devices.This course will focus on bipolar transistors, thyristors, field effect transistors, tunneling diodes/transistors, power devices, etc., taking into account typical optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes, photodetectors, and solar cells.

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