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8517N001 Wireless Network Application

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This general course adopts an innovative teaching mode combining online intelligent learning and offline inquiry experiments. It is based on the needs of wireless network applications in real life, combined with the latest online introduction to the world-famous Cisco Networking Technology Academy. Learning and practice, in the experimental operation environment of computer network (including wireless and wired network), the easy-to-understand networked dynamic demonstration teaching method enables students of various disciplines such as arts, science, engineering, agriculture and medicine to quickly grasp various wireless and wired networks. Practical technologies for network access and network communication, including the configuration and application of common wireless and wired network devices such as smart wireless routers and wireless APs, configuration and application of various common network services, wireless network networking technology applications, and network security. And handling of common problems such as network troubleshooting. This course is a practical and technical general course. It is mainly based on experiment and supplemented by theory. It focuses on the cultivation of students' practical ability and ability to solve practical problems. It adopts on-the-spot explanation and experimental practice in the experimental environment. Combined with the teaching method, and using the combination of experimental examination, experimental summary, large operation design and open-line online examination.

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