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67180080 Photoelectric information processing comprehensive experiment

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This course combines photoelectric conversion, analog and digital circuit design. By learning the use of basic optoelectronic devices and the architecture of optoelectronic systems, the basic principles of photodetection are mastered. The basic experiments are arranged: electro-optical modulation, analog signal optical communication, CCD device.And applications, optical filtering systems (applications of gratings), off-line photovoltaic systems, etc., to master the application of basic optoelectronic devices.After completing the basic experiment, one of the integrated design experiments was completed according to its own characteristics: 1 digital signal fiber communication 2 phase-locked detection of weak photoelectric signals 3 motion control based on CCD sensing.After the teacher's consent, the comprehensive design experiment can use the existing laboratory platform to set up questions in the field of photoelectric information processing.

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