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67190160 Semiconductor Physics & Devices

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This course is a theoretical foundation course for electronic science and technology, microelectronics, etc. It can also be one of the important elective courses for other related majors. This course provides a comprehensive discussion of the basic physical concepts, phenomena, physical processes and laws of semiconductors, and on this basis, introduces the physical mechanism of semiconductor devices. It includes three parts: The first part discusses the basic properties of semiconductor materials, including semiconductor band characteristics, carrier distribution and doping, and the transport properties of equilibrium and unbalanced overload carriers. The second part is about semiconductor devices. Physical basis, mainly discussing pn junction and pn junction diode, metal-semiconductor contact, metal-oxide-semiconductor structure, etc. The third part introduces some major semiconductor devices, including bipolar transistors, field effect transistors, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, semiconductors. Microwave and power devices, etc. Learn and master the basic theories and analytical methods of these semiconductor physics and semiconductor devices, and lay the foundation for learning follow-up courses such as Microelectronics Device Physics and Integrated Circuit Design, and also for future research on micro-nano electronic science and technology. The modern integrated circuit and system design and manufacturing work lays a solid theoretical foundation. 

Prerequisite requirements:Information electronics physics foundation

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