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ISEE exchange program to Tokyo Institute of Technology: an exploration for technology and cultural communication

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From 23rd July to 10th August, 2018, twenty-seven ISEEers went to Tokyo Institute of Technology for asummer exchange program. The exchange program originated in 2016. Upon thefoundation of the past two years, the number of participating students hasgrown from a dozen to a nearly thirty. In addition, extend of exchange is alsoevolved from unilateral to bilateral, and the level is growing each year. Thegroup this year is selected through interviews and consists of both 15th and 16th graders, covering all three majors of ISEE college.

On 23rd July, the group startedtheir journey from Yuquan Campus, made a brief stop in Pudong, flew across theEast sea and finally landed in Tokyo Haneda Airport. The exchange programstarted with an exotic environment.

Everyday during the program, the groupleaves their dormitory and go to the VLSI lab in Large Okayama Campus for theday’s work. The course is based on assembly language and prepare students touse it in real world applications. Divided into small groups, the program ismostly experiments and self-learning. In a progressive manner, the contents ofthe program are segmented into three parts, covering Linux system, CPUcommands, Verilog language and FPGA. It needs the students to have a solidprofessional knowledge, self-learning ability and cooperation spirit to do thejob well.

In the spare time, tutorial of the programLI Dongju invited supervisor of the lab and professors from labs of relatedareas to give academic report on their research areas and recent outcomes.

The last two days are graduation ceremonyand campus open day. The supervisor issued certificates and took photos withstudents. Afterwards, all groups made a summary presentation on their study andlife in Japan. With tutorial LI leading, the group visited the TIT museum andopen labs after ceremony, had a more direct feeling on the history of theuniversity.

In the leisure time, group members alsovisited Tokyo University and Tokyo Museum, experiencing unique culture ofJapan. Strict garbage recycling rules, all-reaching subway networks, clean cityview and orderly proceeding pedestrian flows all left a deep impression intheir mind.

Beyond teaching, tutorial LI is alwaysstressing learning the mindset and seeking for the truth style of Japanesepeople. He told the students to think beyond college education, and try to findwhat education is for and what you really need. The program is not only forlearning knowledge and new technologies, but also to broaden everyone’shorizons and expand their mindset. He hopes the program will bring light toeveryone’s future decisions.

Just like Mr. CHU Kochen once askedeveryone when we first came to the university: What will you make of youruniversity time? What kind of person you will become when you graduate? Assophomore and junior students, everyone should think more about what kind ofperson to be. ZJU and TIT are both first class universities and are doing greatjob enlightening students.

The program has made everyone gaining morethan they expected. Group members felt lucky to join the program and hope thiskind of exchange programs can continue to benefit more students in the future.

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