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6043314 Digital Image Processing

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Recently, with the rapid development of multimedia, communication, and integrated circuit, digital video/image processing and its associated SoC becomes a more and more important subject. This course is one of the major subjects of electronics and information engineering. It provides a necessary knowledge for next step study of major subjects and research on the video processing. The course aims to introduce to the graduate students the basic theory of digital image processing. The contents of this course are as follows: (1) Introduction of Human visual system (HVS) which is the basic of HVS-based image processing; (2) Basic theory of digital image processing including the structure of display system and display principle; (3) Scan format conversion in which scaling, de-interlace,frame rate conversion, dithering, and their associated VLSI implementations are highlighted; (4) Enhancement of image quality including 3D noise reduction, edge enhancement, transient improvement, gamma correction,and their corresponding VLSI implementations; (5) Image quality assessment introducing the human visual perception based image quality assessment, evaluation based on natural statistics and machine learning.(6)Digital medical image processing introducing the compute-aided diagnosis through actual cases and examples.

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