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6041302 Technology Management of Electronic and Information Engineering

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The course of the basic concepts, basic theory and basic method is to constitute an important part of engineering graduate student scientific literacy, is each of the essential qualities of engineers and scientists, the main research and development of learning related knowledge of technical management, especially for electronics and information engineering related industry, technology research and product development technical management knowledge.Main study contents include: (1) the ISO9000 quality management system, including the ISO9000 standard, management knowledge, audit requirements and process requirements;(2) research and development of management and organization structure, introduction of integrated product development (IPD), electronic hardware and software project quality management basic concepts in information and knowledge, quality plan and project review and quality system;(3) electronic information industry product development process, hardware design and software design of technical requirements, design and development process of management, design requirements and the development of documents management, project risk and risk management, risk identification and estimation, risk assessment and risk management strategy;(4) the IT project management body of knowledge, including software and hardware integrated project management and project management body of knowledge of integrated circuits, including hardware and software and integrated circuit design project of product planning, schedule control, cost control, concurrent design and control reuse technology, outsourcing, process and methods of introduction and analysis;Wisdom (5) combined with the technology development projects for the city, the Internet of things, intelligent transportation, medical and intelligent power management and wisdom chip development and so on a series of case analysis, engineering course will combine engineering requirements are related to actual combat training, writing research management related documents, including new product project proposal, feasibility analysis, technical scheme, development plan, software and hardware design drawings and scheme, and review through class discussion, to simulate the actual development process.Students train to become know both technology and economy, there are both scientific thinking ability and economic mind of new type of engineering and technical personnel and management personnel.

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