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6041301 Mobile Internet Intelligent Device Design and Practice Application

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Along with our country higher education, to establish the system of graduate student degree according to the characteristics of the related disciplines and industry, how to build to meet the needs of industry technology research and development and engineering application of professional degree graduate practice classes, became one of the key issues in present higher engineering education.This course based on 3 g / 4 g / 5 g core network and the WIFI network software and hardware composition and Zigbee wireless network platform for the engineering application practice, through the wireless data acquisition and intelligent analysis of intelligent building and intelligent health application and multimedia applications such as intelligent equipment important typical application software and hardware technology, integrated with mobile communications, signal processing, electronic information systems engineering and related industry business integrated applications, such as in the basic understanding of the 3 g / 4 g (preliminary understanding 5 g) is primarily a LTE system of communication technology such as core network principle, on the basis of running mechanism, relying on zhejiang university jointly with China mobile and datang mobile wireless communication application engineering center of 4 g core network and Internet intelligent hardware application design practice platform, application technology needs analysis, technical route and solution design, fault diagnosis and system commissioning, performance test acceptance and embedded system Internet of things intelligent gateway and the design of mobile terminals and App software application, mobile multimedia communications, telemetry and telecontrol and mobile health and wisdom mobile terminal design debugging experiment and practical comprehensive engineering practice teaching, such as the direct real to solve the problem of industry engineering application software and hardware environment, provide enterprise experts to participate in teaching and training high-level engineering experiment instruction, datang mobile company main expert guidance practice of mobile Internet experts, by the United States apple and Google companies in the United States laboratory through remote hd video classroom interaction between teachers and students to guide research and development of mobile terminal applications, the related students provide industry application case teaching design and practice.Tested and approved by the enterprise group by students communication related professional engineer certificate, in order to improve information and engineering graduate student in intelligent building, intelligent medical and electronic information technology in aspects of the smart grid comprehensive engineering application ability to build a important foundation.

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