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3121610 Digital Communications and Signal Processing

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After the courses of Signals and Systems, Principles of Communications, Digital Signal Processing, this course will be introduced to graduate students. For digital communications, the course introduces fundamental theory of design and analysis of digital communication systems. Topics include mathematical models for communication signals and systems, digital modulation schemes, optimum receivers, performance analysis of the communication system in different channels, including AWGN channel, band-limited channel and fading channels, etc. For communication signal processing, the course introduces the fundamentals and the typical methods of communications signal processing. The topics include multi-mode\multi-band Software Radio signal processing methods, principles of reconfigurable signal processing methods, communication signals sampling & multi-rate conversion, carrier synchronization & symbol timing for typical modulation schemes, and multiple antenna array signal processing, etc.  The aim of this course is to let graduate students understand the principles of digital communications and implementation methods of communication signal processing. By practicing Matlab or C programming and simulation, students are going to gain richer hands-on experiences and deeper understanding of digital communication systems and communication signal processing technologies. All of which, would form a solid basis for their future research of communications theories and design of communications systems.

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