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3121505 VLSI Design

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Based on design-automation flow, top-down design method, verification, design-for-test and physical implementation of VLSI, the curriculum develops a step by step guide and in-depth analysis of VLSI deign with the design cases. Start with the basic background of digital integrated circuits, taking into account the study adaptability of the graduates with different foundation and origin, by the preface and overview, the course will lead students to form the basic concepts and impressions of the VLSI preliminarily. Expanding the course content mainly with high-level abstraction of VLSI design methods and objects, through the introduction of sequential FSM, RTL design, automatic physical design, and the combination of physical implementation and the design process, make the students grasp the basic VLSI design for purpose. And by the preliminary of coding skill, the timing and communication, the preliminary of architecture design, the common computing units, the curriculum would reflect the VLSI design features and significances and make students master professional skills.

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