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3121502 Digital Circuit Design Theory and Technology

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Digital circuit design theory and technical course content include and, XOR algebraic systems, special operations in Boolean algebra, spectral techniques, various digital circuit families, basic digital circuit structures, switch-level design theory of digital circuits, multi-valued logic, etc.content.In the course, the properties of the AND, XOR algebraic system are analyzed, the standard expansion method and the minimization method are introduced, and the circuit implementation and application of the algebraic system are discussed.Special operations such as subtraction, division, comparison, difference and differentiation in Boolean algebra are introduced.The basic operation of spectral techniques used in symmetric binary algebra systems and the calculation of spectral coefficients and the application of spectral techniques are discussed.The course introduces the circuit structure, characteristics and design methods of various digital circuit families such as CMOS, IIL, ECL, nMOS, TTL, etc. The basic structures of various digital circuits such as static circuit, dynamic circuit, current mode circuit and transmission gate are discussed.The final course introduces digital circuit switching stage design techniques; basic algebraic systems and circuits for multi-valued logic.

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