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3121309 Information Photonics

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Information photonics is the discipline that studies the fundamental principles of and develops technology for information processing using light as information carry medium. Targeting at the frontiers of information photonic technology, this subject begins with the theoretical relation between optics and information theory, followed with the contents of optical communications, optical signal processing, optical network and optical storage, sensing, imaging and so on. Its goal is to help the student master the fundamentals of optical signals, modern optic device and photonic modules and systems, develop a thorough understanding of the underlying physical principles in the process of optical signal generations, lightwave propagations and amplifications, light signal conversions, signal modulation and light signal detection, the key devices, and predicted performances, and grasp the analysis method of the devices and system modules. The applications of lightwave systems for ultra-high speed optical communications and distributed measurement of multi-physics within a fiber optic network are also included by this course. Students are required to understand the basic conceptions of optical signal, devices and system, and grasp a practical ability for analyzing the key optical devices, modules and systems in information photonics.

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