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Center for Advanced Radiofrequency Engineering (ARE)

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The Center for Advanced Radiofrequency Engineering (ARE) was established in 2017 based on the application of electromagnetic wave laboratory, relying on the second-level electromagnetic field and microwave technology of the electronic science and technology.Focused on scientific research and technical applications of advanced RF, microwave and terahertz systems, including but not limited to artificial intelligence wireless sensing and imaging, Doppler vision wireless sensor networks and energy transmission, wireless Internet of Things and RFID, non-Contact measurement, new concept radar and communication systems.In recent years, the Technology Center has published nearly 200 academic papers in international academic journals including authoritative journals such as Nature communications. PNAS Physical review letters, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, and authorizes dozens of national invention patents.

Director: Huangfu Jiangtao  Associate Director: Ye Dexin


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