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Research Center for Statistical Information and Image Processing

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Zhejiang University Statistical Information and Image Processing Research Center was established in 2016. It focuses on artificial intelligence statistical learning, and mainly conducts research on data analysis, information processing, image processing and computer vision.

Data analysis field: Under the support of domestic famous enterprises, the university collaborated with professors of the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences of Zhejiang University to conduct interdisciplinary research on psycho-big data. The second phase of the project was successfully completed.

Information Processing: Under the support of the Top Talents Project of the Central Organization Department, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, distributed sparse learning, Bayesian learning, information theory learning, information processing, and blind signals were mainly carried out. Research work in processing, machine learning, and optimization; and a software system for information retrieval and recommendation has also been developed.

Image Processing and Computer Vision: Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Zhejiang Key Research and Development Program Enterprise Cooperation Project, it mainly develops multi-spectral color imaging, multi-spectral image restoration, intelligent sensing of unmanned systems, infrared medical image analysis, and mobile phone images. Restoration and other research and development work.

Director: Shen Huiliang  Associate Director: Li Chunguang


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