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Institute of Intelligent Communication Network and Security

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The predecessor of the Institute of Intelligent Communication Network and Security of Zhejiang University is the “Anti-jamming Communication and Satellite Navigation Laboratory”. It was established in 2003 and officially established the Intelligent Communication Network and Security Research Institute at the end of 2015. The Institute focuses on wireless communication networks and their security theory and key technologies, including low-intercept and anti-jamming communications, complex adaptive communication signal processing, cognitive communications, efficient wireless ad hoc networks, software-defined networks, and high-performance routing. Basic theories and technologies such as exchange, communication network security and defense.

In recent years, the Institute has undertaken more than ten national-level scientific research projects such as the “863” project, the “973” project, and the National Natural Science Foundation project, as well as a number of communication equipment key technology research projects and a series of dedicated communication technology cooperation research projects. Breakthrough a number of communication transmission and networking core technologies, in anti-jamming communication, millimeter wave communication, high-speed data transmission, multi-mode communication chip, anti-interference self-organizing network protocol, high-performance GNSS satellite signal reception and other theoretical and key technologies, etc. With profound accumulation, rich achievements and outstanding advantages, it has established stable cooperative relations with relevant universities, research institutes and enterprises in this field in China and established a good academic reputation.

Director: Zhao Minjian   Associate Director:Zhang Honggang


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