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Research Center for RF & Photonic Information Processing

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The Research Center for RF & Photonic Information Processing of Zhejiang University was established in 2015. It mainly relies on two secondary disciplines of “Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology” and “Physical Electronics” under the discipline of “Electronic Science and Technology”. His research interests include microwave photon signal processing, photon millimeter-wave terahertz technology and applications, RF signal processing, and new detection and sensing technologies.
The center has undertaken research projects such as the National 973, 863 Project, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and several national defense military projects. Early in the field of microwave millimeter wave photonics research, accumulated rich experience in light-borne RF communication, light-controlled true time delay radar, microwave signal generation, etc. Several results have been applied and highly evaluated. In the field of terahertz technology, the center has a very solid research foundation in terahertz filtering, modulation, polarization, waveguide and other functional devices, and promotes high-speed terahertz wireless communication, terahertz radar signal processing and imaging research. In recent years, the principle of propagation of radio frequency orbital angular momentum (OAM) beams, channel characteristics, and applications in wireless communication and radar sensing have been deeply studied. In RF OAM beam transmitting antennas and imaging, OAM-based high-speed communication chains Roads and other aspects have achieved a series of innovations.


 Director: Chi Hao   Associate Director: Yu Xianbing, Zheng Shilie




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